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Pauli aims to guide you, if you are drawn to explore, any and all aspects of your personal Spirituality, by way of consultations, one-to-one discussions, and/or explanations of his own voyage of discovery, in a loving and focused manner, with only your highest good in mind.

With loving assistance, you will choose to learn about Who you are, Where you came from, Why you are here and How to make the very Best of it.

Your Intuition and Discernment wil be your 'lifebelt' on this personal journey of discovery.

Becoming totally aware !

"I help anyone who is open-minded, ready and drawn to  explore and research Spirituality for themselves (NOT Spiritualism, I don't do the Occult, nor any Religion).  So they can discover, examine and form their own perspectives of those Realms of Existence.  This is done effortlessly and with no connection to Fear of any kind."

Prefer to listen ?

Your journey into spirituality with Pauli !

Well, it is the Mature Persons' introduction to today's (Younger Peoples') understanding of non-religious "spirituality" (known to many as "Woo-Woo" or "Mumbo-Jumbo")

Here you will find no ceremony, no ritual, no "occult", just an open-minded (you DO have one, don't you ?) personalised tour, and a journey of discovery of how to come to begin to understand your own truth about "Who we are, Where we came from, Why we are here & How to make the best of it for yourself."

Mumbo Jumbo with Pauli !

Pauli's background is of a privileged, middle-class, post WW11 upbringing.


Sent away at age 6, for ten years, to a Roman Catholic Jesuit, boarding, public school, he is grateful, among other things, to have had every vestige of religion beaten (sometimes literally !) out of him, giving him a great start in life; perhaps not what the Jesuits had in mind...

Pauli sailed through the next 40 years, ignoring any "Mumbo-Jumbo" and avoiding anything that hinted of the "occult" (he still does) until, in 2004, he was invited to explore "channeling", which he, at first, presumed was a load of bullshit.

Find out for yourself what happened after that, in a direct way to suit you, one-to-one with Pauli, or listening to a recording or watching a video.

Your own personal powers of Discernment, through your Intution, will Guide you.

Here's a link to further exploration. Go on, I dare you !


Or just Call/Send a Message to +44-7768-603365


But be sure that you will have fun !

Voice Channeling

Spiritual Communication, Conscious Channeling, Spiritual Healing.


Voice Channeling® is a process uniquely developed by New Three® University.


In a Voice Channeling® Session, you receive spiritual guidance and healing as spirit speaks through your voice, directly.


You may think of “spirit” as God, Source, Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Higher Self, Soul, Deceased Loved Ones, All-That-Is, Universe, Energy, Light. . .or by whatever name you prefer to call on your spiritual guidance.


As a Certified Practitioner of Voice Channeling®, Pauli guides you into having your own experience and communication with spirit, in a safe, loving environment.


You may come to the session with personal questions about the past, present or future, or you and Pauli can create your questions together during the session.


Sessions are charged at $49 or £39.

Sessions are typically up to an hour, but allow ninety minutes for your total experience.


Please be in a quiet, undisturbed environment where you can sit comfortably.


You will meet with Pauli by phone, Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp or in-person if you’re in the Abersoch, UK area.


Please contact Pauli on +44-(0)7768-603365 or via to book a time and date for your session and/or with any questions you may have.

Voice Channeling Testimonial

 “I had my first Voice Channelling® experience recently, and was made to feel very comfortable by Pauli. 

He guided me gently and professionally, it was THE most amazing experience.

I felt so elated at the end of our session.


I look forward to what comes next!"

Mandy, North Wales

Badass Consciousness

by Pauli Murphy

“Badass”, for those who might not know, is an American slang expression meaning,  “Formidable in Strength and Skill”.

This short, 60 page book was created and published in 7 days, as a direct result of an inspirational challenge, and reveals Pauli’s journey of discovery of Spirituality and our connection to All-That-Is. 

He suggests that you may find your very own ‘path’ as a result of this, easy-to-read ‘Guide’…


Why not dare to look ?

Badass Consciousness Book.png

Spirituality Articles

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