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The Law of Attraction and its effects

You may be aware, or you soon will be as you rub up against it, that many of the "young" these days are very much aware of the "Law of Attraction" - The little sh**s come knowing more than a few things that we old farts are still trying to get our heads around. {by the way, I'm assuming it's an 'old fart' reading this...}

The Law of Attraction states, "What you focus on must get bigger." and it's as immutable as the Law of Gravity, as you'll discover, if you haven't already.

Other ways of putting it are, "You get what you put out." "Like attracts Like." "Whatever you give your attention to will increase in 'energy'." etc., etc. but the first stated is the most salient.

Focus on "shit" and the Universe will respond, "Shit ? - No shortage of that, Mate - Here you are !" and deliver it.

Many of the "young" are also very aware, and a lot of them will tell you, straight, that "You create your own reality." and that this is done, entirely, by our thoughts.

Most people create their reality by default, not realising that they have total control over the ONLY thing that they do actually have control over, which is what they choose to think about.

And, you can only, actually, ever think one thought at a time, even if only for a microsecond.

Now, your Feelings are your own, personal, infallible 'guidance system'.

They, along with your Intuition and "gut senses" will tell you, instantaneously, whether what you are thinking about is serving you or not.

Quite simply, if what you are thinking about makes you feel good, then that thought is serving you. If your thought makes you feel not-so-good, then it is not serving you in its present form. More, later, on why that is.

Thoughts, furthermore, only focus on past or future aspects of life or situations. To be completely "present" is to have no thoughts, as in deep meditation, which is why meditation is so good for you, as it gives the whole psyche and the mind a rest while it lasts.


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