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Gyroplane Flying

YOU get to fly this wonderful Aircraft, although I insist on coming with you !


You will get to experience the Joy of flying this, arguably, safest Aircraft in the known Universe !

You, or whoever you might treat to this magical experience, will enjoy it enormously and will never forget it !

Your gyroplane instructor: Pauli Murphy

Before discovering the joy of Gyrocopters, Pauli had over 1300 hours of instructing in helicopters.  He is the proud owner of a top-of-the-range Magni M24 Gyroplane (G-GTFB) and, as he puts it, "hugely enjoys the privilege of seeing someone else evolve their skill in the other seat."

Based in the spectacular setting of Snowdonia

Based in the most spectacular of surroundings, close to the Heart of Snowdonia and alongside the beautiful beaches of Caernarfon Bay and the Menai Strait. Caernarfon Airport is a wonderfully busy airport, with the Wales Air Ambulance and HM Coastguard's Air-Sea Rescue Helicopters both based here.


There is excellent cafeteria, run by the Air Ambulance Volunteers and a really superb Aviation Museum, since RAF Llandwrog, as it was then named, was extremely busy during WWll with Fixed Wing and Microlight Flying Schools here as well as our renowned Gyrocopter Experience Flying School !


The whole family can happily spend the day at Caernarfon so you can enjoy a wonderful Flight in a Gyrocopter as a part of it !

Introductory Flight

Our Introductory flights are the perfect, unique and exhilarating gift for yourself, your friends and your family. We offer two different lengths of flight, of 30 minutes and 60 minutes. We are happy to tailor each flight and consider any requests based on previous flying experience. The Gyrocopter is equipped with dual flight controls to allow you, confidently, to learn to manoeuvre the aircraft whilst the Instructor remains in control alongside you. If you prefer, you need not touch the controls, but may choose to enjoy the fabulous views instead.

Flying Training

For information about Training with Pauli to obtain your own Private Pilots Licence  (PPL{G}) please contact him via email ( ) or phone ( 07768-603365 ) for details and/or any questions you may have. 

Pauli is available all the year round, although the weather will always dictate progress !

Pauli Murphy in his Gyrocopter
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