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About Pauli

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As a refusing-to-grow-up, Gyroplane Flying Instructor who felt passionately that he wanted to write animal adventure stories for Children of ALL ages, I fell to doing this in recent years. 


Also passionate about discovering and sharing about Who we are, Where we came from, Why we are here and How to make the Best of it has led to my Spiritual explorations, which I invite ALL to share here by doing their own research and, using their own intuition and discernment, come to discover wonderful answers for themselves !

[To that end, specifically, is my easy-to-read little book, "Badass Consciousness" available on Amazon]

While enjoying the writing immensely I have recently completed the text of "Rufus and The Flying Carpet - Book Two - The Adventures Commence" and Ellie Grant has already finished the 14 wonderful illustrations.

Telegram:- @paulimurphy
Direct Phone Number:- +44(0)7768-603-365

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