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Laws of The Universe(s)

To expand further on these Laws, if you can find the time (!) read on, for Pauli's "take":-

1} You Exist

Not much you can do about that !

To elaborate, it means that you are Eternal; you always were and you will always be; you cannot cease to exist, which I find rather a huge relief, personally !

You are a Spiritual Being enjoying, by choice, this temporary physical experience, with a veil drawn, deliberately, on all other experiences, which lends energy to the 'novelty' of this one.

And - "The Basis of Life is Freedom, the Purpose of Life is Joy":-)

2} The One is the All and the All are the One

You are an essential part of All-that-Is.

Without you, All-that-Is could not be All that It Is.

So, you are hugely important, whatever you may think.

The reason for our apparently 'individual' beingness is that All-that-Is wishes to experience Itself in as many, infinitely variable ways as possible, in order to expand and to grow

'Creation', in an infinite number of 'Universes'.

So It has chosen to, in our cases, (and uncountable others, whom we have yet to consciously 'encounter', though we do so encounter in the non-physical, including every night in deep, "REM" sleep !) to 'break off' and individualise as our Souls for this purpose, - to go forth and explore from many different perspectives and to 'report back'.

When we 'transition' (die)* back to non-physical, which 'state' exists in Pure Unconditional Love, we share our explanations and understandings of our experiences with All others and they share theirs with us.

You can't share an actual experience, as it's yours alone, and from which your Soul learns and expands.

This is why our existence on such as Planet Earth in physical form is referred to by the channels as "The Leading Edge of Thought".

Thought becomes 'thought-form' and, given sufficient 'focus', thought-forms become 'things', which is how we and every other Being create our own realities on behalf of ourselves and


[*When you "transition" (die) from this physical life, your Soul leaves your physical body, rather like taking off a major article of clothing, and your consciousness instantly expands many thousand-fold.

It is always an exquisite experience, unlike birth, which can be - and mostly is pretty traumatic - but remember, we choose to come into the phsical 'realms', we actually Volunteer ! More on this in a later page, but if you can't wait to so explore, then click here !]

3} It is always Here and Now

It really IS always Now, have you noticed ? It's never not. - All your life, it has always been

Now, and still is !

With regards to 'Here', we are now beginning to understand that Everything is actually 'within'...

4} What you focus upon increases

This is about the so-called 'Law of Attraction'.

"That which is like unto itself is drawn" is an old-fashioned way of saying it.

Also, "Like attracts like." and "You get what you put out."

Those who focus on the 'positive' find more positive aspects showing up in their experience.

And, vice versa.

Whilst everything is Energy, [see Page 6) Energy and 7) The Source] and hence our entire 'reality' is actually an illusion, it is the Experience of that illusion that is totally real, and is ours for ever, never to be forgotten when in the non-physical 'realms'.

Time is also an illusion, that has been given to us in this 'reality' mainly as a 'buffer', so that we can change our minds about our thinking before something we actually don't want to manifest shows up ! We know that we 'create our own reality', but sometimes we don't need what-we-think-we-want to show up instantaneously !

As an 'abject' coward, my favourite quote in this regard came from Abraham { } thus:-

"If you do not attract them with your thinking, aggressors can never be a part of your experience !" It really works. Phew !

Same for thieves or anyone you don't wish to engage with.

Be careful, though - when you think how you would not wish to engage with somebody, you are actually thinking about them, and the Law of Attraction has to bring them into your experience !! So, think of something else, anything else, as you can only think one thought at a time. Yes, even if you are a female this time ! - In any one milli-microsecond, you can only hold one thought !

Here's a good tip:- When unwanted thoughts intrude (e.g. when someone says something horrid to you) have some "touchstone" thoughts in your back pocket to quickly think about - thoughts you know you like to think about, such as a happy childhood memory, or a loved friend, - the unwanted thought will return, they always do, BUT (here's the 'trick') they return, each time, with LESS and less energy, each time...until you wonder why you were ever bothered ! It REALLY works ! :-)

5} Everything changes, except the previous Four Laws

This is to make sure that Creation continues.

Driven by exquisite curiosity, the Universe(s) will always expand.

There is always more.

Thank Heaven !

So, There ! :-)

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