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I feel most strongly that I wish, above all else, to be able to lead people to discover for themselves Who they are, Where they came from, Why they are here and How to make the very best of it for themselves.

I believe that people's own natural curiosity will lead them to find answers to their most pressing questions, provided they can extricate themselves from "limiting beliefs", even, or especially those subconscious ones that they may have held since childhood, or even from "previous lives".(more on those later)

Your strongest connection to who you really are is your Intuition. If you can't trust your own intuition, then what can you trust ?

A "gut feeling" together with an open mind is 'sovereign' equipment for your journey of discovery.

I yearn to guide you in the direction of that discovery and will delight in your findings.

The prospect of you telling me that you are a "Finder" and no longer a "Seeker" excites me enormously !!!


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