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Open Minds

From now on, - that is until you might say to yourself, "What a load of crap !" and quit the website - I would ask you to maintain an "Open Mind" :-)

An open mind means being open to the possibility that what is being shown/explained/suggested/pointed out or indicated might, just possibly be a reality in your experience, now or in the future, and that what is being described as having taken place might just have been so...

OK ?


1) Life

If you were to say to a child, "Can you feel that you are alive ? - Can you feel that sort of buzzing in your body ? - Are you clear that you are awake at the moment ?" then you would most likely hear them say "Yes !" with enthusiasm.

If you were to tell them that you believe that we are all, including them, Eternal Spiritual Beings, enjoying a temporary physical experience in this "taxi-motor-car" you call a body, they (because they have innately open minds) might be thrilled at that prospect, might feel relief and Joy at the idea of embracing the concept that:- "They have always existed and can never cease to exist, only change "form"" and, if they take that on board, consider that:-

"The Basis of Life is Freedom, the Purpose of Life is Joy !"

So, you, because you are still reading this (ahem !) must also have an open mind, I would ask you now to contemplate how you feel about those ideas ?

Mmmmmmm......(pause for thought.......)

The next subject is "Non-Physical" - an inelegant label, but suggestive of infinite possibilities...


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