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The Source

You are Source ! We all are, by being a "Spark" or integral part of Source. More on that, later... First of all, WHAT is Source ? Let's step back to the concept of "Energy", as in the last 'page':- To the question, posed to any of the 'genuine' channels, of , "If Energy is all there is, then where does Energy come from ?" is given the exquisite, unequivocal answer :- LOVE So, everything, everywhere and everywhen comes from LOVE

Source, 'Creator', 'God', 'All-That-Is', by whatever name you wish, is LOVE... How about that ? :-) "The Universe is an entirely unified and interactive, Living Being, made of Absolute Love, of which each and every one of us is a part." (Carla L. Rueckert, 1943-2015) [As an aside, you will have noticed that all organised religions have Love at their core, whatever else they may display or evince.] Why (ANYthing) ??? Because the 'driving force' of of any and all 'creativity' is curiosity ! So, Source elected to discover - and feel, taste, hear, touch and know what it would be like to not be All-That-Is... Thus (to put it in terms that we could understand) Source "broke off " 'pieces' of 'Itself', gave those 'pieces' Free Will, (let's call them "Souls") and (among a myriad other environments) created this 'duality' called the 3rd Dimension with the 'contrast' that we find on such as Planet Earth, so that we could 'explore' and 'report back' to our "Home", back to Source itself, from which we are all ultimately inseparable. You are loved more than words could posibly express, because you are Love. You come from Love, you are on your journey back to Love, and you cannot be separated from Love. O.K ? :-)


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