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The Law of Attraction in Action:

“What you focus upon gets bigger”-

Very simply, the Universe will always bring you more of what you give your attention to.

Focus on ‘sh**’ and the Universe says,

“Plenty of that ! – Here you go !” and delivers it…

The most common thing that people focus upon is “what is” or “what is happening now”. Because of that, the Universe will always bring them more of the same, or similar.

If something is right “in your face”, it is very difficult not to focus on it. However, it is possible to find a way of distracting yourself from it by deliberately focusing on something else, anything else. Even if only for a very short time.

You see, the unwanted thought will come back – they always do – BUT, (here’s the ‘Trick’) they come back with less energy every time.

Less and less, until they eventually lose most or all of their power to bother you !

Many people focus upon “lack” without realising they are doing that, and by doing so they perpetuate that lack.

“I wish I had more money !” means I am focusing on not having enough money, so the Universe will fulfil my wishes by ensuring that that lack continues for me. Aaaargh!!!

Another big mistake is, “It’ll be alright when…” means that it is not alright now and that unintended focus means that, - yes, you guessed it, - it’ll never be alright !

So, what’s the answer ?

Many use that phrase, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

The real, true answer is found within the difficult-to-accept understanding that,

“I’ll see it when I believe it !”

In other words, you have to use your imagination, - your most effective, God~given gift, - in order to create the reality you wish to manifest.

Not just your imagination, but also every other sense you can muster to help you “believe” it will come about, especially your “Feelings”.

An example might be that you desire a new, or replacement car.

  1. Visualise the make, model, colour, age and condition of the car you would be very happy to own.

  2. Imagine yourself driving it, the smell of the clean upholstery, the comfort of the seat, the quiet sound of it running, the power of the engine, the effectiveness of the brakes, the spaciousness of the luggage compartment, the look of the new tyres etc., etc.,

  3. FEEL the feeling that you know you will feel when it has indeed arrived, is in your driveway, ready for you to climb in and drive away.

  4. Now your work is done. Leave the rest to the Universe. It will bring what you desire, PROVIDED you don’t put any resistance in the way by “noticing” that is has not arrived yet.

  5. If you find yourself thinking any such “lack” thoughts, IMMEDIATELY think of something else, ANYTHING else.

Now, if this all seems a bit complex, read this page again…and again, until it truly “jells” with you, “resonates” with you, as it absolutely must, since it is “Law” !

An understanding of this “Law” and the application of its facilitations will completely and wonderfully change your life, sooner or later, and it will be the sooner if you “work” at it.

HOWEVER ! – It is essential that you get yourself into a good mood before applying these “principles”. THEN it will quickly transform your experiences. If you are not in a good mood, then postpone your “work” until you are.

ALSO ! – You need to be physically relaxed, starting from your toes and moving up to the top of your head. Then you are set to succeed, effortlessly !

You see, “effort” is actually counterproductive, believe it or not. It’s ALL supposed to be fun, especially the anticipation of the results, - that feeling of their being on their way ! :-)

Appreciation and Gratitude are the major catalysts to manifesting that which you desire. The Universe will always bring you more of what you are focused upon; - so it follows, as night follows day, that focusing on feeling appreciation for something MUST bring more of the same !

And finally, remember to pat yourself on the back when things go well, because YOU did it ! You and the All-That-Is of which you ae an integral part or 'Spark' :-)

With Love.


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