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In 2004, I was invited to explore "channeling", which I, at first, presumed was a load of bull***t !

The first example of this was at and I treated what I heard with a very-much-tongue-in-cheek attitude.

In spite of that, I had to confess that what I was hearing was clearly well-meaning and benevolent, and while there are, of course, charlatans in this sphere, you can tell them a mile off due to their negative contents.

Well, over the course of a few months, and later years, I came across other people who were "channeling" and who also gave off a well-meaning "vibration", and what struck me most forcibly was that the information coming through, - and this is now true in many different languages, - the information coming through WAS THE SAME !!!

As well as Abraham, as listed above, you might care to have a look at a couple of other channels' websites, and so make you own mind up as to whether or not it is a load of bull***t !

I recommend the following, to begin your explorations:-

Abraham { }

Theo { }

Bashar { }

Kryon { }

Asara { }

Tina Louise Spalding { }

Taryn Crimi { }

and many others, more every month, in many different languages)


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