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Self Esteem

I have come to understand, from listening to the teachings of the "genuine channels", that there were, literally, millions of Souls who wanted your "job" of incarnating on Planet Earth at this incredible time of change.

The choice - of you for the "job" - was achieved, not by 'competition' but by agreement, the agreement among those millions of Souls, that you were the best one, out of all of them, for this particular "job" at this time and place !

So, you can pat yourself on the back, because Planet Earth, at this particular time of incredible change, is like the "Football Final" of this Universe, and the focus of many billions of Souls is directed here, to observe what is happening !

Thus, if you have ever had any concerns about your "worthiness" or your self-esteem, then, knowing this should enable you to shed those doubts and fears with ease and grace.


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