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Scientists are now having to agree that it has been proved that matter doesn't actually exist, per se !

It turns out that there are aspects of Newtonian physics that are incorrect, e.g. we have been taught to understand that electrons orbit their neutrons, albeit at a great comparative distance.

Apparently, and inarguably, the 'boffins' are now having to agree instead that sub-atomic particles actually blink in and out of existence billions of times a second, which shows that they actually consist of energy, rather than matter, as had been thought.

Add to that the understanding, as is now confirmed by many 'genuine' channels, that everything, in all Universes, is actually Energy, vibrating in a vast range of frequencies; that nothing that exists in all 'dimensions' and in all 'densities' in all Universes, and including esoteric stuff such as 'thought', is not energy !

So, if everything is energy, then where does energy come from ?


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