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Your Soul (more on that later, unless you choose to quit !) never "looks back".

It's fine for us to look back upon pleasant memories, or to recall effective "lessons" but because your Soul has no judgement (about ANYTHING) - it has no need to be anywhere other than in your eternal "present" and relishing the prospect of your exciting future. The complete "Essence" of your eternal Soul is Unconditional Love, as it is an integral "Spark" or part of All-That-Is.

No religion here, just a passing glimpse of the Oneness of which we all are an essential part.

Without you, All-That-Is couldn't be all that it is, so you are rather important ! :-)

If you are still reading this, then you might now care to explore the next page by clicking on this link to learn what Pauli discovered about "channeling"...


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