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Voice Channeling® Session

Spiritual Communication, Conscious Channeling, Spiritual Healing.


Voice Channeling® is a process uniquely developed by New Three® University.


In a Voice Channeling® Session, you receive spiritual guidance and healing as spirit speaks through your voice, directly.


You may think of “spirit” as God, Source, Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Higher Self, Soul, Deceased Loved Ones, All-That-Is, Universe, Energy, Light. . .or by whatever name you prefer to call on your spiritual guidance.


As a Certified Practitioner of Voice Channeling®, Pauli guides you into having your own experience and communication with spirit, in a safe, loving environment.


You may come to the session with personal questions about the past, present or future, or you and Pauli can create your questions together during the session.


Sessions are charged, starting  at £74.50 for the first Session, then £149.00 for all further Sessions.

Blocks of 5 Sessions are at £595 (c.20% discount)

Blocks of 10 Sessions are at £995 (c.33% discount)

Sessions are typically up to an hour, but allow ninety minutes for your total experience.


Please be in a quiet, undisturbed environment where you can sit comfortably.


You will meet with Pauli by phone, Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp or in-person if you’re in the Abersoch, UK area.


Please contact Pauli on +44-(0)7768-603365 or via helimurf@aol.com to book a time and date for your session and with any questions you may have.

Or you can book and schedule a session directly on this website. See Below:- 

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You can pay for your Session via PayPal, if you wish, by clicking the yellow button, just above. (You don't have to pay now, though, to book your session)

Pauli Murphy is a Gyroplane Instructor and he is also a Spiritual Practitioner and an Author of a series of Childrens' Illustrated Books

Via this Website you can book a Gyroplane Experience Flight at Caernarfon or Voice Channeling® Sessions with Pauli to receive Spiritual Guidance and Healing, as Spirit Speaks Through