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Mandy, from North Wales, said, (July, 2018)

 “I had my first Voice Channelling® experience recently, and was made to feel very comfortable by Pauli. 

He guided me gently and professionally, it was THE most amazing experience.

I felt so elated at the end of our session.

I look forward to what comes next!"


Eric, from North Wales, said, (July 2018) 

 “I am so grateful to Pauli for introducing me to channeling and for facilitating my connection with spirit.

He explained in crystal clear language the power of inner connectivity that exists in all of us.  

Voice Channeling® with Pauli is a wonderful, mind-blowing experience and gives me an insight into the greater picture of life. 

It feels like a new beginning and I look forward to many more Voice Channeling® sessions with him as I continue to grow.”

Sue, from Cape Town, South Africa said, (July 2018)

 I had a Voice Channelling® session with Pauli Murphy last week and it exceeded my wildest expectations. The session was so easy and so precious. Pauli was most professional and reassuring, his warmth and compassion made the session easy and the channeled answers just flowed like water from a tap. I was totally blown away. I received answers on a very deep level and now feel a sense of inner peace and belonging to this earth. I feel content knowing what my life purpose is . I’ve been sleeping better and have a renewed sense of focus and energy. I feel love towards others as if I was cleansed from the inside out . Everyone should experience this.

And they can .

A Waring, from Yorkshire, U.K. said (August 2018)

"Pauli Murphy has an incredible passion and enthusiasm for channeling and connecting with spirit to impart wisdom from a higher dimension. Until meeting Pauli, I didn’t realise that this was something anyone could do with the right guidance and instruction. This did not prepare me for my own experience of connection and channelling under Pauli’s guidance. He explained the process clearly to me. I felt a little apprehensive as to whether anything would happen or whether I would just be making it up. This couldn’t have been further from the truth.

 After one of my teachers had told me earlier in the year I needed to value myself, one of the five questions I asked Pauli to ask during the channeling was, “What does it feel like to value myself?” The response that I got was far from words, although words did come through me. It was the most divine golden light and a feeling of complete unconditional love that simply poured through me. I was completely breath-taken.  The feeling has left a lasting impression on me and given me certain clarity that we are not alone and that there is such benevolence and love in the universe ready to just pour through us if we are open to receive it. I would say this experience was positively life changing and incredibly uplifting. It left me with renewed enthusiasm for meditation and literally knocked my socks off. Pauli has a wonderful gift in being able to empower and enable others to experience this amazing connection. I can’t recommend a session highly enough, especially if you are looking for guidance or clarity on any issue."

Thomas W. of York, U.K. said, 

"The sessions I have had with Pauli have been enlightening. The more I do, the better they get. As a channeling facilitator, Pauli gives me a sense of being held through the process and that I am in safe hands to venture into the unknown. The joy and passion he has for channeling and facilitating others to channel is a real positive, giving a lovely, joyful energy to the whole process. 
Love and light."

Elsie R. of Santa Fe, New Mexico said,

"Pauli is so enthusiastic, caring, and so eager for you to do well, that you can't help but believe.  For me, it was intense and difficult to move beyond my judgments and doubt, and it was all I could do to hang in there, but I did.  Pauli was a wonderful "cheerleader" and helped me to see, hear and feel Spirit moving throughout the session."

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