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"Come FLY with Me !"

Says Pauli Murphy, the Gyroplane Instructor, at Caernarfon Airport !

Buy for yourself, or someone else,

a Voucher, now,  for a Gyroplane Experience Flight !

See Below !

Try a "Flight Experience"!- for yourself or as a Gift for Anyone !
A One Hour Flight is £195 (inc. VAT)
Before you fly, there will be a short introduction to Gyroplanes and how they fly, plus a Safety Briefing.
During the Flight you'll be shown the basics of controlling a Gyroplane and will be able to Fly her yourself !
You can have control for as long or as short a time as you like, whatever is most comfortable.
There are dual controls and the Instructor is able to take control at any time.
Some people prefer to focus on learning to fly, others to enjoy the scenery, the view and the sheer exhilaration of Gyroplane Flight. The choice is yours :-)

The Gyroplane is, arguably, the safest Aircraft in the known Universe !

You cannot 'stall' a Gyroplane. - That's good, is it not ?

You only need 10 metres to land a Gyroplane, with or without the engine ! - How about that ?

Pauli Murphy was a helicopter Instructor, with over 1300 hours experience, but is now MUCH happier teaching in Gyroplanes, for those and many other reasons. 

Flight Instruction for obtaining a Private Pilot's Licence [PPL(G)]

Please call Pauli Murphy on 07768-603365 for details.

All Training is done to the Standards of the International Association of Professional Gyroplane Training {IAPGT} offering the very latest in worldwide 'Best Practice', with a fully integrated e-Learning Programme.

[Have a look at for more information]

Call Pauli on 07768-603365 or email him at to discuss, ask questions and/or make a booking or buy a Voucher for yourself, or a personalised Gift Voucher someone else, for a Wonderful and Safe Flight Experience !

          - Do it NOW, before you don't !...    :-)

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