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About Pauli Murphy, by him :-)


A Spiritual Practitioner and Author !

Happily married, living near Beautiful Snowdonia, in North Wales,in the United Kingdom, I can be contacted at by anyone who wishes.

Spiritual Practitioner

It is my most earnest desire to share with people and guide them

to an understanding of:-

Who we are... 

Where we came from...

Why we are here...

and How to make the best of it.

Everything is Energy...We are Energy...All Energy comes from Love. And Love is All There Is.

When we are kind to ourselves first, it is easier to be kind to each other.    We are Eternal Beings.   We are an aspect of All-That-Is.

We are an integral part of Source, and the beauty of this understanding, to be shared with humanity, is exquisite ! :-)

Having been introduced, by my brother Christopher, to in the early years of this century, I became passionately interested in channeling and, thanks to the unique and sublime teachings of Jason Nelson and Melissa Lilly at New Three® University, I became a Certified Practitioner of Voice Channeling® 

This means that I can facilitate ANYONE who wishes to do Voice Channeling® using their OWN VOICE !!!

[Sessions are charged, at US$49 or GBP£39]

Sessions are, usually, up to about  an hour, but you would need to allow for up to 90 minutes though, as Spirit might have much to tell. Check out the testimonials page in the heading on this website.

Click on the menu item in the heading to book and schedule a Session. 


As a refusing-to-grow-up, Gyroplane Flying Instructor who felt passionately that he wanted to write animal adventure stories for Children of ALL ages, I fell to doing this in recent years. 

While enjoying the writing immensely I have recently completed the text of "Rufus and The Flying Carpet - Book Two - The Adventures Commence" and Ellie Grant has already created six wonderful illustrations and is working on the rest (some eight or more !)

With a passion for elegant 'knottage', I was also 'driven' to create the little booklet about "How to tie a Bowline" (pronounced "Bo-Lin") since it is the most important knot in the World and would best be known by everyone for all sorts of reasons, including life-saving ones !

In the United Kingdom:

In the Unites States:


There are other secrets, quite a few of which are going to be revealed by Rufus and his friends as their wonderful adventures progress further afield, together with the Incredible Flying Carpet !

See "Books" page (click in the Header, above) for links to the Books

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